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Vetcon Construction, Inc, is an established Florida sitework contractor that has built an incredible expertise around all your site work needs. We have a team of professional site development team to help with large or small projects in Central Florida. To start we are a Disabled Veteran Owned Business with a combine 60 years of Florida site work experience.

Reliable Site work contractor Florida, exceeding expectations delivering peace of mind

Since inception at Vetcons Construction, Inc, we consider every chance we have to work with each client an opportunity to make their day.

Our quest is helped by paying attention to our staff. We hire highly skilled professionals, invest in training to help them become proficient in handling the latest technologies and methodologies, and also develop a can-do mentality in our workforce so they can approach your task with confidence and the prerequisite know-how to help you complete even the most complex project on-time and on-budget.

We pride ourselves as a trustworthy, upfront, and honest site work contractor in Ocala, Florida and indeed the entire Central Florida area. This means we don’t hide behind propaganda, technical jargons, and gimmicks. Rather, our staff would speak to you in plain terms and are always willing to walk you by the hand through your entire project lifecycle providing you with free advice and suggestions as the need arises.

Today, we’re known for building a strong reputation as the go-to site work contractor where engineers, property developers, and other clients come to for a hassle-free site work project completion. In the end, our clients have repeatedly come to confess that we represent value for money and peace of mind.

Florida Sitework Contractor

At Vеtсоnѕ Construction, Inc. wе knоw thеіr many сhаngеѕ undеrwау іn office design and соnѕtruсtіоn. We stay сurrеnt оn thеѕе nеw design аnd construction trеndѕ so wе саn serve оur сlіеntѕ іn the most efficient manner роѕѕіblе.

Florida’s most trusted SiteWork Development Services

Auto Dealership
Mini Storage
Property Maintenance
Multi-Family Renovation
Sitework Contractor
Office Building
Medical Center

Solve your site work challenges without fuss with the help of a competent and very responsive site work contractor – get the help you need now!

  • Excavation or land clearing
  • Storm Drainage
  • Septic and sewer systems
  • Curb and Gutter
  • Landscaping
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Grading and Earth work
  • Construction and paving of driveways and walkways
  • Preparation and approval of permits and fees

Why 1000+ clients in Florida choose Vetcon Construction, Inc over others

We’re trusted for:

  • Providing each client with a dedicated project manager

You would get one also. Your site manager would be on hand to tend to your concerns and provide you with prompt responses that way you’re confident in the outcome of your project.

  • Superb site work service

In an industry where results matters and goes beyond ROI, safety and aesthetics, our world-class solutions shine through tanks to our years of experience, highly skilled experts, and best-in-class best practices.

  • Fair prices

Vetcon Construction, Inc is best for prices. We help clients keep more money in their pockets – chances are you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper site work contractor in Ocala, Florida other than us.

  • Value packed services

At Vetcon, we strive to come across as a contractor that genuinely wants to help you find success. So we invite you to take advantage of our free no-obligation quotes, free advice and consultations, friendly and courteous professionalism, below-market prices etc.

  • Being Florida’s sitework contractors

We are certified, licensed, and insured which means you are entrusting your entire task to a trusted hands thus you’re guaranteed a drama free project.

Avoid the melodrama and make your site work pop!

Whether it is land clearing or creating access to your site, every effort on site is not only a significant investment but also important to the entire success of the entire project and that means you need a reliable site work contractor that stand behind their claims with guarantee. Here at Vetcon Construction, Inc, we’ve made everything available to be that Florida contractor you need. Would you like to discover how we would help your construction project succeed? Contact us now to discuss your project or for a free quote.


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