The Vetcon Construction Services Scholarship

If we talk about the prospect of the real state, then the best answer can be the students and the way of investing in those prospects is the Vetcon Construction Services Scholarship.

Our future in you

A total grant of $1500 will be awarded to the deserving student by the Vetcon Construction Services Scholarship. It will be the cost of  tuition or books for the semester of 2021. The will be granted to that who is very much willing to help the poor and he is currently a student, minority and athelete.

How to apply?

The process of the application is very easy as the candidates are supposed to answer the following question in 800 words,

“What is the best way to assist lower-income families in buying a home?”

What is the deadline to apply for the application?

The deadline for submitting the answer is on 17th Feb 2021 by midnight. Answer the question and submit it by the given date.

How Do I Apply?

Once you complete your answer to the essay, you can submit a digital document to


Here are the details of the items which you are supposed to submit with your essay,

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Address
  3. Your Telephone Number
  4. Your Current High School, College or University
  5. The Address of Your School
  6. Your Current GPA
  7. Your Current Grade Level
  8. Anything that sets you apart from the crowd

 Winner will be only one

You should note the point solemnly that there will be only one winner of the contest and hence you are supposed to write a unique piece to stand firm in the contest. Include your updated information with accuracy and without any flaws. Feel free to convey anything special about yourself as it may help in making a decision.

The selection of the winner will be from eligible entries on Feb 17, 2021, by 4 pm EST.

Rules for scholarship

  • You should have passed high school student or college to apply for it. The enrolment will be matched before prize distribution.
  • You may not apply in case you are a Vetcon Construction Services Employee or any relative of them.
  • The submissions will not be accepted after Feb 17, 2021.
  • Be careful about using inappropriate and illicit language as you may get disqualified immediately for the same.
  • You must have a permanent citizenship of U.S.A
  • Whatever you will submit in the form of an essay will default become the property of Vetcon Construction Services after submission.

Privacy Policy

The personal information will not be used and shared outside the scholarship program except your name. With help from ocala home builders, Ocala roofing , Ocala roofing contractor and Florida sitework contractors


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