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19 Oct 2022

Comparing Your Options in Solid Surface Countertops: Granite and Quartz Countertops

Are you exploring the universe of solid surface countertops and countertops in general? You may want to learn about quartz and granite countertops. Countertops that are made out of these materials have been popular in the home design realm for a long time. Comparing them carefully may help you make an informed decision.


People admire countertops that are made out of quartz for many reasons. These countertops are extremely resilient and hard-wearing. They can be ideal for people who are interested in options that aren’t prone to unsightly chipping, scraping, scratching and cracking. Note, too, that they’re not prone to staining. This can be a bonus for people who have concerns about spilling food.

Granite is almost as tough as quartz is. Since it’s remarkably heat-resistant, it can make a fine addition to any kitchen. It’s vital to note, though, that granite is extremely porous. That’s why it can be a lot easier to avoid lasting stains with quartz countertops.


Many budget-friendly, attractive quartz and granite countertops are available nowadays. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you may want to go with granite. Buying and installing a granite countertop tends to cost less than doing the same with quartz, although there are occasional exceptions.

Physical Appearance

It’s important to invest in a countertop that accommodates your interior design approach well. The reality is that quartz and granite are two materials that bring a lot to the table in the visuals department. Quartz has many loyal fans courtesy of the way it looks. If you adore stone and customization, this mineral may be right up your alley.

You can find an abundance of granite patterns and colors. Despite that, it can sometimes be tricky for people to find granite that accommodates their home color preferences perfectly. If you’re on the lookout for a countertop that may blend in with your living space, quartz may be preferable. Note, though, that folks who admire natural stone appearances may actually like granite a lot better. Since granite is more “natural” than quartz, it may be more in line with organic design aspirations.

Granite countertops

Countertops and Environmental Considerations

These two materials are heavy in natural components. Granite, however, beats quartz as far as nature goes. It’s made entirely out of stone. Quartz consists of a blend of natural components, polymer resins and pigments. The resins are responsible for basically “gluing” all the parts.

How do people get access to granite in the modern world? They can credit quarrying for that. Quarrying is a process that consumes significant amounts of energy. Quartz is an engineered material that may be more appealing to people who have major concerns about the environment and sustainability.

Granite and quartz have their own environmental positives and negatives. Which material is more eco-friendly? It may be a tie.

Home Value

If you’re thinking about installing brand new countertops, you may be doing so out of the desire to sell your home in the near future. That means that you may wish to invest in countertops that can draw in potential home purchasers. If that’s indeed the case, then you may want to look into granite. As indicated previously, granite surpasses quartz in the nature arena. Remodeling your home with either one of these countertops can add value.

That’s how it may be more enticing to home hunters who have certain criteria. In spite of that, it can help to remember that quartz is almost as big a bonus to home buyers. Quartz and granite alike tend to be more universally appealing than ceramic and tile. Ceramic and tile are a couple other materials that are frequently seen in the countertop world.



Maintenance should always be a significant consideration for people who are trying to choose between quartz and granite countertops.

Since granite is a pretty porous material, it calls for routine sealing work. Quartz is a different story. Its slabs are equipped with resins that make sealing unnecessary.

Granite and quartz in general are countertop materials that do not have significant maintenance demands. Although quartz definitely needs occasional sealing work, cleaning it tends to be a pretty straightforward task. Cleaning granite tends to be just as straightforward and basic. If you want to maintain granite or quartz countertops that are immaculate, you can do so with a combination of water and gentle dish detergent.


Countertops that can stand the test of time can be a joy. It can be frustrating to have to worry about premature countertop replacement and its potentially steep costs. Quartz is actually such a strong material that it may last longer than your residence. Granite is basically just as dazzling in terms of potential lifespan.

Granite countertops typically remain dependable for full centuries. It’s crucial to understand, however, that the aforementioned maintenance factor plays a big role. If you put a lot of time into maintaining quartz and granite countertops, they should reward you with years of excellence.

Repair Matters

Again, quartz isn’t typically a material that’s susceptible to splitting, cracking or scraping. That doesn’t mean that quartz countertops are totally invulnerable to flaw development, however. If your quartz countertop develops a flaw, there are repair options available. Epoxy can do away with subtle cracks. Buffing can do away with quartz scrapes as well.

Granite is another material that usually isn’t easy to harm. Since it’s porous, though, it can be vulnerable to unsightly staining. That’s no reason to panic. The use of designated granite cleaners can typically get rid of stains. Granite countertops cracks and chips are generally pretty simple to manage, too. People may be able to use the same removal strategies that they use for quartz. You can hire a professional to get rid of granite and quartz chips and scrapes.

The Main Idea

Quartz and granite countertops have their own positives and negatives. If you assess your requirements and preferences, you’ll be able to pick the material that’s optimal for your lifestyle. Which material is better? The decision is ultimately yours.